Türkiye·April 1 - 12 2022


Explore the land of the New Testament curated by a local. Join the adventure & return home changed. 12-Day New-Testament Anatolia & Istanbul



Nearly two-thirds of the new Testament - including all the letters of Paul, most of the books of Acts, and the book of Revelation - is set outside of Israel, in either Turkey or Greece. This tour will help you understand the Bible as you explore these important biblical sites. You will experience a fascinating historical and archaeological world as you follow in the footsteps of Paul, Silas, Barnabas and many more. Deepen your appreciation of these characters as you stand where they once stood. Embrace the wonder of immersing yourself in stones! The living stones of past and present saints will come alive as you trek over the actual stones they saw with their own eyes. Expect the New Testament to come to life as you read and understand the events of the Bible in the locations where they occurred. Be prepared to be changed by this trip.


Türkiye· April 1 - 12 2022· 11 nights