Israel·June 24 - July 4 2022

Tour of Israel

Explore the land of the Bible curated by a local. Join the adventure & return home changed—highlights of Israel and its people.



At the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa - both geographically and culturally - Israel and Palestine Territories have been a meeting place of cultures, empires and religions since history began. Many Christians hope to tour the 'Holy Land' in their lifetime. But planning a meaningful trip in a place filled with significant sites is challenging - where do you even start!? This tour will put a biblical scholar and experienced guides at your side to ensure that you find the locations you want to visit and understand their biblical significance. This tour will help you enjoy your experience with the confidence that you are avoiding common mistakes, commercialised sites and investing your time and resources well. Every site visit will explore scripture references for reflection and celebration. This tour invites communion with God and a genuine spiritual experience. You will discover rich culture and heritage, be awed by the surprising ways God has moved in history and celebrate the now-and-not-yet of the land of the Holy one as you walk n his footsteps. Be prepared to be changed by this trip. See you in Israel!

Tour of Israel

Israel· June 24 - July 4 2022· 10 nights